• The Big question..Why are our Gutter Vacs so cheap?

    This is the most common question we get asked by customers and there are several reasons why this is. Firstly we don’t do trade shows, we are internet based, we don’t travel around the country doing demonstrations we are happy to show people our equipment at our premises. We don’t have large premises with several staff, we do everything ourselves. If we did all those things our prices would be a lot higher.

    The most important reason our kits are a lot cheaper is we manufacture all our carbon poles IN HOUSE. Several years ago when we were looking into carbon fibre production we contacted the factories in China and were shocked at the prices. We invested in an oven and mandrels and equipment to manufacture the poles ourselves and haven’t looked back. This way we are able to produce poles specially designed for gutter vacuum work and a price lower than other suppliers. Our cloth is purchased in the UK and is used by top fishing rod manufacturers, it is infused with exactly the right amount of resins to make a good strong pole.

    And there you have it, that’s why our carbon fibre composite and 100% carbon fibre Gutter Vac Gutter Vacuum are cheaper than other suppliers.

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