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My name is Alex and I am the Managing Director of GCS Gutter Cleaning Systems, I began my venture as a humble window cleaner, after seeing an opportunity in ladderless gutter cleaning I purchased a Gutter Vacuum and started offering this service. I was lucky enough to secure contracts with several large schools and a housing association and it was whilst doing these jobs I started designing and manufacturing my own kits building on from the experience gained from doing these contracts as well as having to opportunity to develop and test products on these jobs.These gutter cleaning kits have been designed to do the job by Gutter Cleaners and are based on tried and tested experience. Unlike other companies we have actually developed or own carbon fibre and composites production facility, this means that we are able to offer Carbon Fibre composite and 100% carbon fibre poles at significantly reduced prices, the materials we use are also used to produce some of the top fishing rods in the world.

You will see weeds, twigs, pine needles and all manner of debris in or hanging out of gutters. It was for these occasions that the weedhook was developed. You can quickly ease out stubborn weeds and lift out masses of pine needles and twigs that no vacuum will suck out.
The head also comes with an extra thin head for cleaning gutters where the roof tiles are very close to the outer edge of the gutter. You will encounter this situation far more often than you would think.
Each kit comes with a multi-directional mirror to enable you to inspect the gutters and check on your work.
The combination of our poles, adjustable head and hose means that our 1800 watt vacuum sources are more than capable of removing moss, leaves mud found in gutters.
With a capacity of 40 litres they are an ideal size for fitting into small vans, estate cars, people carriers and standard car boots.
The size of our vacuums means that very few, if any, customers will mind you plugging in to their electricity supply, and if you move on to a generator you will only need  3.0 Kva, which once again one man can handle alone.
When the vacuum is full it is a simple operation to empty the debris into a bin bag.
Due to popular demand we have now added a phenomenal 3000 watt machine to our range of kits. It is an incredibly powerful and efficient machine, and combined with our poles, hose and adjustable head is a fantastic addition to our range.
Our kits now come with pole carrying bags.
We have now developed our unique downpipe screw and weed remover. This now means that you can leave every job knowing that all downpipes and swannecks are cleared. It also removes weeds in a unique way, and loosens all muck in the gutters prior to vacuuming.
The information given above has been learnt from experience of doing the job.
Gutter cleaning has always been an essential maintenance requirement, but due to the danger of cleaning gutters from ladders and the price of hiring mechanical lifters or scaffolding has put the price of cleaning them out of reach as a regular maintenance procedure.
Ladderless gutter cleaning is already changing that situation, and could change it for you.

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